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VORTEX Roof Binoculars Vulture HD 10x56 бинокль VORTEX Roof Binoculars Vulture HD 10x56 бинокль VORTEX Roof Binoculars Vulture HD 10x56 бинокль
Товар может отличаться от изображенного на картинке. На изображении могут быть детали, которые не входят в комплектацию товара.

VORTEX Roof Binoculars Vulture HD 10x56 бинокль

Код продукта: 186-024
Доступность: Доставка от 1 дня. После заказа мы вам сообщим точное время доставки.
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Roof Binoculars Vulture HD 10x56

Closer and clearer, even after dark thanks to the Vulture HD 10x56 binoculars. A series of Vulture HD binoculars, equipped with a 56 mm lens, provides an amazing transmission of light and incredible quality in difficult lighting conditions - it is very important about the light, ie at sunrise or sunset, when game is the most active. Roof prism system, fully multi-layered optics and patented XR coating, provide an extremely sharp image with the right brightness. Using the ArmorTek coating on all external optical surfaces ensures high resistance to scratches and damage.


• HD glasses provide high resolution and low level of chromatic aberration
• dielectric prism coatings that increase image quality and transmission
• anti-reflective XR lens layer
• bright lens with a diameter of 56 mm
• filling with Argon (noble gas)
• rubber housing
• reinforced housing

Technical parameters:

• magnification: 10x
• Lens diameter: 56 mm
• Twilight efficiency: 23.66
• weight: 1111 g
• height x width: 16.7 x 14.7 cm
• minimum focusing distance: 3 m
• an angled field of view of 6.1 °
• linear field of view: 106 m / 1000 m
• offset of the exit joint: 18 mm
• eyecups: extendable
• distance between the glasses: 57 - 73 mm
• water resistance: yes
• gas filling: yes, argon
• lens coatings: XR FMC + phase covering of prisms
• possibility of connection to a tripod: yes (tripod adapter required)
• lifetime VIP guarantee: yes

Lifetime warranty: if anything happens to your binoculars, Vortex will repair or replace it with a new one.

Elements of the set:

• binoculars
• carrying case
• neck strap
• optics cleaning cloth
• documentation
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ED сверхнизкая дисперсия
9 x - 11x
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> 50 мм
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2.1 - 5 м
1001 - 1500 гр
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