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GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera
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GUIDE TrackIR 25mm Wi-FI 700m MAX 1700M termokamera

1850.00 € 1990.00 €
Produkta kods: 503120
Zīmols: GUIDE
Pieejamība: Pieejams veikalā
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The Guide TrackIR-25 is a thermal imaging monocular predominantly used for hunting. With manual focus, built-in rangefinder and Hot Track function, the Guide TrackIR-25 offers a number of essential functions.

The thermal camera is equipped with a 400x300 Vox detector and an HD colour display (1290x980 pixels). The refresh rate of 50hz ensures smooth images. The standard optical magnification of 1.7x can be increased by 4x with a digital zoom, so that you also have thermal images at greater distances. You can also use the manual focus to focus the image to your own preference at all times. You can take photos and videos, both on the viewer itself and remotely with your smartphone. There are five color palettes selectable: White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Blue hot and Iron.

Unique features
The thermal imaging camera is equipped with a stadiametric rangefinder, with which you can measure the distance to an animal. Stadiametric means that distances are measured based on objects with a known size. For example, the TrackIR uses 0.25m (hare), 0.5m (wild boar) and 1.8m (deer). For example, you can also use that known size of 1.8m to measure the distance to a human, which is also about 1.80m on average.

Using the Hot Track function you can easily detect animals and track moving game. With this function, the hottest object in the picture is automatically indicated with an 'arrow'. The Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to further enlarge part of the image while the rest of the environment remains visible.

Remote control
In addition to use in your hand, you can also control the viewer remotely and view images live on your smartphone or tablet. This is a good solution for when you don't want to keep the camera on your eye all the time and have to close your other eye. To be able to do this you need the free app, which you can find in the PlayStore under the name 'TrackIR' (both Android and iOS). The thermal imaging camera creates its own Wi-fi signal, so you can easily connect your phone to the camera. Finally, using the included HDMI cable, you can also view images in real-time on a nearby HD screen.

Application Guide TrackIR-25
The TrackIR-25 focuses mainly on use during the hunt. The built-in functions make it easy to detect moving game, to follow it and to determine the distance to the animal. The high detector resolution ensures that you have a clear thermal image even at greater distances and you can always focus the image to your own preference. But if you simply want to spot animals or observe your own terrain, for example, this thermal imaging camera is also an excellent solution.

If you are interested in other models from the Guide TrackIR series, please contact us. This applies to the TrackIR-35, TrackIR PRO-19, TrackIR PRO-25 and TrackIR PRO-35. The Guide TrackIR-50 can be found with the optional accessories.

Other highlights
- Internal battery (6000mAh) with a service life of > 5 hours
- Adjustable brightness and contrast
- Standby mode available
- Compact and lightweight
- Camera can be used in different languages, including English, French and German


Brand: Guide
Type: Monocular (for 1 eye)
Detector type: 400x300 Vox (17µm)
Display quality: 1280x960 HD color LCOS
Lens diameter: 25mm
Observation modes: Scouting, Picture-in-Picture (PiP), Hot Track mode
Type of image focus: Manual Focus
Field of view: 15,4x11,6
Detection distance: 700m
Usage: Hunting, Nature observations, Private use (general)
Other functionalities: Wi-Fi, Live-streaming, Remotely controllable
Color palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Iron, Red Hot, Blue Hot
Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
Recording Functionality: Yes (photos and videos), Yes (remote via GuideIR app)
Zoom: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x
Diopter Adjustment: -4/+2
Weight: 470 grams
Dimensions: 192 x 71 x 65mm
Attachments: Tripod connection (1/4" thread)
Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery (charging cable included)
Working Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius
Water and impact resistance: IP66

1x Guide Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera TrackIR-25
1x Nylon carrying case
1x Mains adapter (EU type)
1x Micro-HDMI cable
1x Carrying strap
1x Wrist strap
1x USB-C cable
1x Quick start guide
1x Warranty card
1x Packaging with foam
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