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OMEGON Roof Binoklis Talron HD 8x34 binoklis OMEGON Roof Binoklis Talron HD 8x34 binoklis
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OMEGON Roof Binoklis Talron HD 8x34 binoklis

158.00 € 179.00 €
Produkta kods: GP13962
Zīmols: OMEGON
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Roof Binoklis Talron HD 8x34

Product description:
Omegon Talron HD -binoculars with a crisp sharp image

Talron binoculars provide you with terrific views of the natural world. You can enjoy a clear image - thanks to the optical quality provided, even with the smallest model. These binoculars have a simply amazing performance, and at a price that makes you smile.

The advantages in a nutshell

ultra-sharp - a crisp, sharp image right out to the edge of the field of view
nitrogen-filled - so no fogging-up of the interior
for use in any weather - waterproof and rubber-armoured
excellent grip - they fit comfortably in your hands
BAK4 Schmidt-Pechan prisms
high brilliance - bright images thanks to FMC coatings
chic - an elegant design with chrome highlights
Clear viewing - right out to the limits

You will be impressed with the optical performance of these Talron binoculars the very first time you take a look through them. The neutral and sharp image stretches across the entire field of view. The BAK-4 optics ensure a brilliant, crisp and sharp image. So, in combination with their excellent multi-coating, this means a wealth of detail can be seen in the objects you choose to observe.

All models offer a wide field of view. There is no feeling of 'tunnel vision'. These binoculars give your eyes space and freedom!

Whether in sunshine or rain - excellent in any weather

In stifling heat or in wet, cold fog - regardless of the weather, you can take your Talron binoculars out in any weather - even if it's 'raining cats and dogs'. You will be glad that your instrument is waterproof and nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging. That's all to the good as, after all, you can't change the weather!

Fits comfortably in the hands - binoculars with open bridge design

The binoculars have a new design with a practical wrap-around grip for the hands. This is a totally new feeling when holding a pair of binoculars! It keeps them better under control - an advantage for observing regardless of the situation.

Aluminium focus ring - rapid focusing

The aluminium focus ring is used to make your subject sharp, and very rapidly if needed - few binoculars can be focused as fast as a pair of Talron's.

Say there is a bird a few meters away you want to observe. But your binoculars are focused at a much longer distance. Focusing using your right hand, you only need to turn the focus ring a little to the right. As this is the accustomed movement of your right hand anyway it feels very natural. Many other binoculars have to be focused in the opposite direction.

Handy on trips or in your own garden

Talron binoculars are compact and very handy - and so a perfect companion on any trip. There are always so many interesting things that you would like to take a closer look at. But they are fascinating to use even in your own garden - for example, for observing a tiny wren or checking on the progress of the BBQ. Your binoculars let you discover a whole host of interesting things.

Near focus

Observe at close range - you will still have a sharp image at just 2 metres distance. Birdwatchers and those wanting to observe other small animals will love them. Very few binoculars offer this advantage.

Bag and strap

A bag, shoulder strap and rubber lens caps all come included with your Talron binoculars. Just wait until you can start observing - there will be many thrilling moments as these binoculars continually impress you with their incredible optics - it's just like being in the cinema!

Type of build Roof
Magnification 8
Front lens diameter (mm) 34
Exit pupil (mm) 4,25
Interpupillar distance (mm) 56-76
Glass material BaK-4
Lens coating fully, multiple
Focusing system Central focusing
Eyepiece cups rotatable
Diopter-adjustment side right side
Special features
Zoom function -
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers yes
Image stabilizer -
Compass -
Rangefinder -
Threaded tripod connector yes
Splash-proof yes
Protection bag yes
Watertight yes
Field of view
Light intensity 18
True field of view (°) 7,1
Apparent field of view (°) 56,8
Field of view at 1,000 m (m) 124
Close focus limit (m) 2,5
Twilight factor 16,4
Surface material Rubber armouring
Colour black
Length (mm) 130
Width (mm) 125
Height (mm) 50
Weight (g) 475
Series Talron HD
Area of application
Astronomy not recommended
Bird watching good
Travel and sports very good
Sailing middle
Hunting good
Theatre not recommended
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