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MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p
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MIO MiVue 788 DVR Full HD 1080p
Produkta kods: 5415N5680007
Zīmols: MIO
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MiVue™ 788 Keeping you close, wherever you go
WIFI live-broadcast, Bluetooth™ connection

Flawless footage in Full HD
Ultimate connectivity - Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth®
Intelligent device, simple interface
Created for your safety - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Flawless footage in Full HD
The top-class Sony's optic sensor and 140° wide-angle records in crystal clear 1080p Full HD at 30fps. Because clear footage, day or night, is what keeps you protected.

Ultimate connectivity
Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth®
Broadcasts your journey and driving experience to Facebook with the integrated WIFI. Connectivity doesn’t stop there though: built-in Bluetooth® to sync your smartphone with the device so that your notifications show up on screen.

Intelligent device, simple interface
It can record, stream and connect with automate ease of use: insert the SD, connect to your car’s power source, start the engine and you’re ready to go. Simple.

Created for your safety
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Alerts and reminders are there to help you reach your destination safely. That’s why the MiVue 788 CONNECT comes with pre-installed Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. MiVue 788 CONNECT’s purpose is your safety.

Your safety comes first
Safety camera warnings
Roads change, but that doesn’t mean your device should go out of date. The MiVue 788 CONNECT safety camera warnings update monthly for the lifetime of the device.

Compatibility and adaptability – because it's yours
Make the MiVue 788 CONNECT dash cam your own. Use a hardwire kit to enhance your device’s safety and record during parking mode, and use the MiVue™ A20 rear camera for all-round safety.

2.7" Touch Screen - At the touch of a finger
The user-friendly touch screen interface has highly intuitive menus and simple setup to make things effortless before and during your drive.

Total ease with built-in GPS
The GPS module is housed entirely inside the dash cam unlike other dash cams on the market, so there's no external boxes tacked on. Your location and your speed are logged on every recording.

Stop and Go
Stop and Go: Innovative alerts for when the car in front of you begins to move and you do not react quickly enough. This technology ensures drivers stay alert at traffic lights or in traffic jams, helping to reduce the chance of a car accident and the irritation of the driver behind you.


Display Size: 2.7" Touchscreen
Recording resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080p at 30fps
Optic Sensor: AIT8328Q
Video Sensor: IMX 323 2M sensor
Aperture: F 1.8
Recording Format: .MP4 (H.264)
Lens Viewing Angle: 140°
Audio Recording
Night Mode
3-axis G-sensor
Memory: microSD, up to 128 GB
Operating Temperature: -10° to +60° C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 85%
Battery: 240mAh
Power Connector: Mini USB
Height (mm): 52.5
Width (mm): 87.8
Depth (mm): 31.9
Weight (gr): 100
Rotating Mount
Rear Camera: Optional
Mio Smartbox Hardwire Kit: Optional

GPS Tracking, Safety Camera Warning, Stop and Go, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning System, Cruise Control Reminder, HUD Display Mode, Head-light reminding, Fatigue Alert, ECO Drive, Parking Mode, Event Recording, EV Adjustment: 7 settings, GPS coordinates photos, Postpone 10 Second, Auto Power On, Manual, Automatic, Shock Sensor, Motion Sensor, Including Lifetime Safety Camera Data, Speed Limit Alert, Desktop, MiVue™ Manager
Video izšķirtspēja:
Full HD
Atmiņas karte:
Līdz 128 Gb.
Maksimālais ieraksta laiks:
12 st.
Iebūvēts GPS:
Displeja izmērs:
No 2.0" līdz 3.0"
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