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GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators
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GARMIN DASHCAM TANDEM videoreģistrators

Produkta kods: 010-02259-01
Zīmols: GARMIN
Pieejamība: Pieejams veikalā
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180-degree Dual-Lens Dashboard Camera with interior night Vision featuring our exclusive NightGlo™ technology

Make sure you’re covered from every angle with Garmin Dash Cam Tandem. This compact dual-lens dash camera features two 180-degree lenses recording in tandem to provide drivers with complete video coverage day or night. The front-facing lens records in super HD 1440p to capture crisp footage showing critical vehicle details, while the interior lens has night vision featuring our exclusive NightGlo™ technology to see all driver and passenger activity in any light. The charger includes an extra USB port, letting drivers charge their phones on the go. Use voice commands to control the camera — hands-free — while built-in GPS shows when and where events occurred, and incident detection automatically saves video before and after an incident. Easily view and share video from your smartphone by using the Garmin Drive™ app.


Two 180° lenses:
Pocket-size dash camera features two 180-degree field of view lenses that record in tandem to provide complete video coverage around the driver

Front-facing lens with Garmin Clarity™ HDR 1440p:
Garmin Clarity™ HDR records crisp video detail, including license plates

Interior-Facing lens with NIGHTGLO:
Night vision featuring our exclusive NightGlo™ technology records clear video of all passengers, even in the dark

Memory card included:
Includes one replaceable microSD™ card so the dash camera is ready to use right out of the box; learn more about compatible
cards at

GPS/Galileo-enabled to automatically capture where and when events occur; plus Wi-Fi® connectivity lets you view and share
video on your smartphone by using the Garmin Drive™ app2

Dash cam auto sync:
Control and play back synchronized video from up to 4 dash cameras3 on your smartphone by using the Garmin Drive app.

Dial USB Power adapter:
Includes charger with an extra USB port so drivers can power their phones or other devices while on the go

Parking surveillance mode:
Automatically record motion in front of and inside the vehicle when the car is parked and turned off (requires cable, sold

Voice Control:
Allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and use voice commands1 to tell the camera to save video, start and stop the audio recording and more

Automatic incident detection:
Automatically saves footage when it detects an incident

Withstands direct sun and hot temperatures:
This camera is designed for the automotive environment, so it can still be used in warm climates with full sun exposure; operates
in environments up to 80°C (176°F)

Red Light and Speed Cameras:
Easy red light and speed cameras updates via the Drive app (Feature available mid-February)


Physical Dimensions: Wxhxd: 5.50 Cm X 4.10 Cm X 2.35 Cm
Weight: 65.4 G
Battery: No (Uses Supercapacitor)
Magnetic Mount

Maps & Memory:
Data Cards: Microsd™ Card (Included). Accepts at Least 8gb Microsd™, Class 10 or Faster
Sensors: Gps/ Galileo

Camera Features:
Interior and Exterior Recording
Interior Night Vision
Automatic Incident Detection
Camera Resolution: 1440p (Front); 720p (Interior)
Field of View: 180 Degrees (Front); 180 Degrees (Interior)
Voice Control
Frame Rate: Up to 30 Fps
Clarity ™ Hdr: Yes (Front)
Gps Speed and Location Info in Video
Dash Cam Auto Sync: Yes (Up to 4 Cameras)
Mobile App to Review Footage: Yes (Garmin Drive™ App)
Video izšķirtspēja:
Full HD
Atmiņas karte:
līdz 128 Gb.
Iebūvēts GPS:
Displeja izmērs:
bez ekrāna
G-sensors - sitiena sensors:
Fotoradaru karte:
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