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FishFinder 350 Plus, w/XDCR, WW FishFinder 350 Plus, w/XDCR, WW FishFinder 350 Plus, w/XDCR, WW
Prece var atšķirties no attēlā parādītās. Attēlā var būt parādītas detaļas, kuras neietilpst piegādes komplektā.
GARMIN FishFinder 350 Plus, w/XDCR, WW
Produkta kods: 010-01709-00
Zīmols: GARMIN
Pieejamība: Piegāde no 1 dienas. Pēc pasūtījuma veikšanas mēs jums paziņosim precīzu piegādes laiku.
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Find fish, Catch fish, Affordable price

Available in bigger and clearer 6-inch WVGA color, portrait mode display. Offers a keyed interface with dedicated buttons.
Built-in 300 W (RMS) sonar power output and extra-sensitive Garmin HD-ID™ target tracking technology. Flexibility to support 50/77/200 kHz for shallow or deep water usage.
Comes with built-in ClearVü scanning sonar. This high-frequency sonar gives a clearer picture of what’s below the boat by producing a photographic image with detailed representation of objects, structure and fish.
Night color display modes is easy read while during dimming light condition to increase the navigating safety.
Rugged, outdoor look complements your lifestyle. New connector and knobs of bail mount design. Able to withstand the harsh marine environment with excellent performance.

The all-new FF 350 Plus fish finder new product is available in bigger and clearer 6-inch portrait WVGA display. FF 350 Plus is offered with Asian multi language supports and developed the target for semi-commercial fishing market. Garmin FF 350 Plus is an all new design with reasonable price tag fish finder. FF 350 Plus gives you built-in Garmin traditional sonar and ClearVü scanning capability which shows crisp fish arches with clear target separation.

Clearest Scanning Sonar on the Water
Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar gives you a nearly photographic image down below your boat. Traditional Garmin HD-ID™ sonar and ClearVü scanning sonar are combined into 1 transducer.

Quick PAGE Sequence
Dedicated PAGE button to have a quick function switch. Press the “PAGE” button to let user can switch from frequently use feature one by one quickly. With holding the "PAGE" button user can edit their prefer 5 frequently use pages theirsleves.

Dedicated button for most common used function
Benefit for the professional fishermen like you, FF 350 Plus features with dedicated button on its right side for you to quickly adjust the setting you need for “Gain”, “Range”, Clutter and “Zoom” function.

Depth Data Graph
Provides instant value and history logs graph to understand submarine topograpgy and shows you the history of depth data graph at a glance.

Digital Zoom and Shift Zoom features let you control your owned display portion as what you prefer to shows in detailed.

Night Color Display mode let you configure your prefer display color no matter during day time or night time.
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No 4.0" līdz 7.0"
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